Clean Hands By Waheed Sheikh

Clean Hands-a recipe for Health

Every year on October 15, Hand Washing Day is celebrated around the globe to signify the importance of cleanliness that is specially related to hands.

This day was basically initiated by Global Handwashing Partnership in 2008. SO , in October 2008 first ever hand washing day was celebrated all around the world. This campaign is basically initiated to focus on the awareness of handwashing with soap. As it is a key factor in the prevention of various diseases.

Thousands of people in the entire world are being infected by the bacteria which is inhaled by them via any external sources. Among all those sources the most common is our hand. Respiratory and intestinal diseases can be reduced by 25-50% if hands are properly washed.

On this day, seminars, walks and various ceremonies are arranged to spread the awareness about the importance of clean hands.

Like every year,  the theme for the handwashing day for this year is Clean Hands-a recipe for Health.  This theme basically links the food with cleanliness and specifically with handwashing. As it is very important for every individual to in take clean food which is obvious only when hands are being properly washed before having food.

This healthy activity with leads our children to healthy growth and proper prevention from diseases.

So somewhere this tag line Clean Hands-a recipe for Health  signifies the cleanliness of hands for healthy food.

We should. actually consider the importance of clean hands and spread the awareness related to it, in the society and among the people living around u