Caretaker PM congratulates nation for peaceful elections despite heavy challenges

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has congratulated the entire nation for conduct of peaceful general elections despite heavy challenges and security threats.

Talking to media persons in Islamabad on Monday, he said transition of democracy despite heavy challenges in terms of security, terrorism and economic challenges, internal chaos, and hostile neighborhood is applauded.

The Prime Minister said we have to carry on and show our commitment towards democracy despite numerous challenges.

He congratulated and applauded all law enforcement agencies for ensuring a peaceful day of conducting a democratic exercise.

Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar said we were apprehensive due to terrorism threats particularly because of  two unfortunate  terrorist incidents which took place in Balochistan.

He said in that environment, conducting peaceful elections is a big achievement.

The Prime Minister said he is eagerly waiting that the newly elected government take over the reign and transition of power go smoothly.

He said the elected representatives would have to focus on the immediate economic, security and policy challenges and take this nation towards the destination where it deserves.