Caretaker Govt ensured smooth conduct of elections: Solangi

Caretaker Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi has expressed the confidence that the interim government has successfully fulfilled its responsibility of conducting peaceful and transparent elections in the country.

Speaking during a programme of a private TV channel, he said the caretaker government provided every possible facility and cooperation to the Election Commission of Pakistan for smooth conduct of general elections. He said the election results vindicate the transparency of the elections.

About concerns regarding the disruption of mobile services on Election Day, he said Ministry of Interior has clarified its stance, stating that measures were undertaken to address the issue promptly.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by citizens, polling staff, and polling stations during the electoral process, he said ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens was our utmost priority.  He said that it was essential for us to ensure the safe transportation of citizens and maintaining security during the electoral process.

Regarding disputes surrounding elections, the information minister said conflicts had always existed during the electoral process and history of elections in the past, including those in 2018 and 2013.

Talking about the new government, he said the procedure for the transition of power is available under the Constitution and the law. Murtaza Solangi made it clear that once the Prime Minister and Chief Ministers of the new government take their oaths, the caretaker government will stand dissolved, paving the way for transition of power.