Cambridge Launches Investigation into Alleged AS Level Paper Leak

Cambridge International Education (CIE) is investigating concerns raised about a possible leak of the AS Level Mathematics 9709 Paper 12 exam held on May 2nd, 2024.


In a statement posted on their official Facebook page, CIE acknowledged the reports and confirmed that an investigation is underway. According to the statement,

We are looking into concerns raised about a potential paper leakage on 02 May 2024 for AS Level Mathematics 9709 Paper 12. This is being investigated, and Cambridge and the British Council are in close communication… We will update you when we have further news, and will not provide further information via Facebook comments or direct messages.

They emphasized their commitment to maintaining the integrity and fairness of their examinations, and are working closely with the British Council, the organization responsible for administering CIE exams internationally.

This incident has caused significant anxiety for students who took the exam. Many have expressed their worries on social media, fearing the potential impact on their grades and future academic prospects.

This is a developing story. We have reached out to the concerned individuals for comments regarding the leak of the AS Level Mathematics 9709 Paper 12 exam. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide further updates as they become available.