THIS IS RADIO PAKISTAN was the first official public voice that went On-air when All India Radio was converted into Radio Pakistan after, Pakistan came into being. And then in 1965 it was Radio Pakistan who accompanied our soldiers in their tough times by motivating them with very emotional and patriotic sound tracks.

Beyond that whenever Pakistan faces crucial and disastrous time, it is Radio Pakistan, always on the front line for, not only updating people about the situations but also, history witnesses that Radio Pakistan always put sincere efforts for the rescue and immediate aid of people who are stuck in any difficult situations.

Radio Pakistan is not only a station but an institution which is the first and fundamental media representative, around the globe.

Then how..???

How can our respected information Minister can even think to allies this representative institution to any random Radio station which can be stuffed easily in a small room. Those private single roomed radio stations no doubt play justified role for the entertainment of people and also generate reasonable revenue. But this “THE RADIO PAKISTAN” is genuinely fulfilling a lot of other duties beyond entertaining people i.e. collaborating with various international media organizations for classy projects, covering the most important event happening around the globe.

Anyways, my sincere attention to highlight the vitality of Radio Pakistan is just to remind the country’s administration that no doubt, media and education sector of Pakistan need speedy development and extension but I find no point to create that extension and development by the destruction of this most important institution of the country.

Instead of the destruction Radio Pakistan demands a lot of attention for technical and mechanical improvement and likewise demands the deserved respect and affection from the administration of my beloved country, Pakistan.