Amidst Tensions With India, Pakistan Installs 9 High-Tech Radar Systems

The rising tensions between Pakistan and India over Kashmir conflict have prompted the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to install nine state-of-the-art surveillance radars at various airports to safeguard the country’s airspace.

Each station of the upgraded, wide-range radars has an ability to locate and identify aircraft from a wide range.

The new radar systems have been installed at Karachi’s Jinnah Terminal, Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport, and at New Islamabad Airport. Radars have also been placed on critical locations at Pasni, Rojhan and Lakpass area of Balochistan.

Three of the stations are equipped with primary surveillance while six radars have secondary surveillance facility, which were made in the Czech Republic and Spain respectively.

The new radar systems are fully integrated with the Central Air Traffic Management System.

A CAA official said that the inclusion of the technology will improve airspace security, which was a need of the hour.