Afghanistan 🇦🇫 Ambassodor daughter
Some one tried to kidnap her

Name : Selsela
Father name : Najibullah
Time of Incident 2:30-3:00 PM
Age 27 years

Contact with family : around 6 PM

Incident :
She went to Blue Area on a shop near Tehzeeb on taxi from House 35, Street 13 F7/2 near Rana Markeet

After taking a gift for younger brother , when she took a cab for going back home , another man entered into taxi after few mins .

When she protested to driver for getting another man in the car , that passenger started beating her and said that your father is a communist and we will not leave him . She lost conscious and can’t recall anything after that .

She regained conscious around 5-6 PM and on enquiry a passerby told her that it is F7 . It was some road and no shopping or residential area nearby . Her hands and feet were tied when she regained conscious.

She took a cab to F9 park as she knew that landmark . From F9 gate no 3 , she called a person named Hikmat which picked her on official vehicle .

The dupatta she was having have a tissue paper and rupees 50 note with message “ your turn is next “ and “ communist” .

SHO kohsar and teams being sent for identification of place as described and a separate team is assigned to check cameras .

Her medical examination is being carried out .

Her shoes, mobile phone
are missing while a male shoes were put in her feet .

Further information will be shared as fetched .