Aaroh Lead Singer Farooq Ahmed Goes Solo & Get’s Imran Khan’s Attention

After making waves with the band’s appearance on Pepsi Battle of the Bands, Aaroh is splitting up as the lead singer Farooq Ahmed goes his own way.

Speaking exclusively to ProPakistani, Farooq Ahmed talked about his solo career and musical influences. He recently caught Imran Khan’s attention with his track ‘Jaag Pakistani Jaag’

The track has an impressive number of views. So this has got to be the singer’s favorite work right? Not exactly. He actually has a separate place in his heart for all his works.

Even all the work he did with Aaroh. He looks back at his time with the band quite fondly.

However, as the musician looks ahead toward a solo career, he has his own career takeaways.

Music Influences and Music As a Career

While he had so much going on for future prospects with a solo career, we also looked back into his musical past. Farooq Ahmed talked more about what got him into music.

He added how his musical inspirations are a blend reflecting the same.

With the predominately rock influences from the West, the Aaroh frontman described how the genre has evolved with time. However, he’d like to see more modern Funck Rock music being made.

“I feel like every genre has evolved to incorporate elements of other genres. There are rock songs that have elements of electronic, dance, disco, rap etc. and you can say the same for R&B, Hip Hop and Pop songs that incorporate elements of Rock. It’s all evolution really and people who fear change and want to hold on to traditional ideals will become irrelevant. Adapt or Fade Away, …. I would say there are still a lot of rock songs coming out that have Heavy Metal or Blues or Electronic leanings. I myself would like to see more Funk Rock songs. The ones you can listen to on your headphones but also make people want to get up and dance. Raag Neela is a song based on Funk Rock as an example.”

On the other hand, Farooq Ahmed is just as in touch with Eastern music. He’s actually an Ali Sethi fan (who isn’t).

On a completely separate note, the musician also talked about how he will tap into his classical training more. Especially when doing so in the past made his track Na Kaho blow up.

A Post-Pandemic World

Given all his future plans how does the former Aaroh frontman plan on navigating a post-pandemic world? He shared how the global situation actually opened avenues for him.

The Houston resident has quite a positive outlook on this saying ‘every challenge is an opportunity.’