Aamir Liaquat’s Sudden Death Tops Google’s Most Searched News in 2022

Google has released its annual Year in Search, recapping the top trends of 2022 in Pakistan. The searches revealed that over the year, Pakistanis had a diverse range of interests that pivot on politics, famous personalities, government initiatives, current events, entertainment, technology, and food.

Pakistanis also browsed Google for updates on local and international news, with the tragic death of Amir Liaquat Hussain topping the trending news list. News related to the Murree incident and Imran Khan also garnered a lot of interest in 2022. People were also interested in events worldwide related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Here are the most searched news of 2022 in Pakistan.

  1. Aamir Liaquat News
  2. Ukraine News
  3. Imran Khan Latest News
  4. Murree News
  5. Fatima Tahir News
  6. Arshad Sharif News
  7. Pervez Musharraf News
  8. Salman Rushdie Latest News
  9. Iqrar ul Hassan News
  10. Sri Lanka News