Aamir Liaquat: ‘Fear only Allah, not your first wife before marrying again

Aamir Liaquat sparked frenzy with his sudden announcement of a wedding.

The TV host shared photos of himself and bride Dania only a day after ex-wife Tuba Anwer announced that she had filed for divorce from the Aamir.

Now in a recent interview, the PTI politician is dishing reasons for marrying the third time.

“I believe in Halal relationships and strictly follow the sunnah of Holy Prophet PBUH,” before adding Muslims should not be influenced by values of neighbours across the border.

“As per Quran and religion, always marry. Do not give importance to divorce. If somebody is asking you for a divorce, do not stop them. But always marry,” he added.

“If anybody does not want to marry again in fear of his first wife, it is adviced that he fears Allah, not his wife,” he added.

Aamir earlier talked about ‘taking a wrong turn’ that left him in a ‘dark tunnel’ over the years. He hopes his third marriage is his chance to a happy life.

“Last night tie a knot with, Syeda Dania Shah, 18, she is belong to an honourable Najeeb ut Tarfain “Sadaat” Family of Lodhran, South Punjab, saraiki lovely, charming, simple and darling. I would like to request all of my well wishers, please pray for us, I have just passed the dark tunnel, it was a wrong turn,” he announced.