A New Island Appears Near the Coast in Balochistan

A new island has appeared in the Arabian Sea near Sonmiani beach in Balochistan, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) confirmed on Thursday.

The organization’s Technical Advisor (Marine Fisheries), Muhammad Moazzam Khan, said that the new island emerged west off the coast of Sonmiani. Islands had previously surfaced at the same location in years 2000 and 2010, he added.

The technical advisor explained that islands appear due to ‘excessive geological activity’ in the sea, while some of them disappear after a while.

Following a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.7 in Pakistan in September 2013, a new island had appeared off Gwadar coast. The island, which emerged nearly 350 feet from the Gwadar coast, was 30 to 40 feet above sea level and was around 100 feet wide.