Weather update: snowfall in Murree, drizzle in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The picturesque Murree hills are experiencing a shift in weather conditions, welcoming the onset of its first light snowfall of the winter season. The temperature has also dropped significantly, reaching as low as one degree according to the Meteorological Department.

Despite these wintry conditions, Murree is expected to bask in sunshine tomorrow, offering a brief respite from the cold. Residents wondering “is it going to rain this weekend” should be prepared for mixed conditions.


The popular tourist destination in Azad Kashmir is also experiencing a mix of light drizzling and snowfall, with a severe cold wave enveloping the area. The scenic beauty of the valley, enhanced by the rain and snow.


Various parts of Lahore, including Lawrence Road and Riaz Colony, have reported drizzling. The rain forecast for Lahore predicts light showers, contributing to the onset of the winter season. The rain forecast in Rawalpindi also indicates similar conditions, so those traveling between the cities should plan according to the weather.


The federal capital is experiencing light rain showers in various parts, including Banigala and the E-11 sectors. The rain today at my location feature on weather apps shows a consistent drizzle across the city. The rain in Islamabad today adds a cold, misty ambiance to the city’s atmosphere.


The city of Jhelum and its surrounding areas have begun to experience a change in the weather too with a light drizzle.


Nathiagali weather has also started to attract visitors with the commencement of snowfall. In Dongagali and  Thandiani too, the intensity of cold has intensified due to the snowfall.


The light rain might have improved the air quality slightly, but cities like Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar are witnessing a surge in respiratory diseases. High influx tourist areas like Babusar Top, Naran, Deosai etc are closed for all kinds of traffic due to weather while the weather in Kalam today might not be as harsh but should be double-checked to avoid inconvenience related to travel.

The cold wave is expected to persist, with temperatures likely to drop further, especially during the night and early morning hours. Residents and visitors in these areas are advised to stay warm and exercise caution during outdoor activities, especially in areas experiencing snowfall