Radio Pakistan, Being National Broadcaster, Has Prime Responsibility To Promote National Interests at Global Level. October 11, 2018

Radio Pakistan is fulfilling its responsibility without compromising on values of accuracy, reliability and ensuring balanced coverage.

This was highlighted in a day-long workshop conducted by the Current Affairs Channel of Radio Pakistan at the National Broadcasting House today for the anchors and analysts.

The workshop entitled ‘Digital Media Age: Challenges and Role of the National Broadcaster’ was participated by large number of anchors and analysts of the channel.

The workshop deliberated upon the modern day media challenges and enhancing the skills and expertise of those designing, executing and airing the current affairs discussion programmes and talk shows by the channel.

The workshop was inaugurated by Director News and Current Affairs Javed Khan Jadoon. Eminent BBC broadcaster Asif Farooqi also interacted with the participants of the workshop on a host of issues including the editorial policies being pursued by different media organizations in Pakistan and globally, in the backdrop of the fast pace developments taking place at the national and international stage.

The participants discussed a series of initiatives which could transform Radio Pakistan’s premier Current Affairs Channel into one of the most modern broadcaster.

It was also highlighted that anchors and analysts need to keep in view the fundamental values of broadcasting embedded in the editorial policy of Radio Pakistan.

The Director News & Current Affairs asked the staff of the channel and the anchors and analysts not to compromise on the principles of accuracy, reliability and objectivity. He was of the view that Radio Pakistan being the voice of the nation is not involved in any kind of competition with the private channels.

He underlined that Radio Pakistan is following the time-tested values of broadcasting while projecting the country’s soft image in the global community and responding effectively to anti-Pakistan narratives.

The BBC broadcaster Asif Farooqi stressed that impartiality should be the hallmark of the state broadcasters in its newscasts and current affairs programmes. He further stated that responsibility of a state broadcaster is to give balanced views, giving two sides of the story without committing itself.