Prince William launches COVID-19 fundraiser

With the United Kingdom’s coronavirus toll surging, Prince William has called for the country to unite in these times filled with turmoil.

The 37-year-old Duke of Cambridge’s statement was issued on the official Kensington Royal social media urging the public to stay strong and remain together during the global pandemic.

“Whenever and wherever adversity strikes, the people of the U.K. have a unique ability to pull together,” William said, adding: “The way that local communities support those affected shows the very best of our values and human nature.”

“The public’s desire to help in the wake of tragedy needs to be managed and channelled in the best possible way — which is why the establishment of the National Emergencies Trust was so important.”

“The NET has launched an appeal to raise funds to help local charities support individuals suffering hardship as a result of the #coronavirus outbreak,” he continued.

Earlier the same day, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle too issued a statement, encouraging the world to stay together during the outbreak.

“These are uncertain times. And now, more than ever, we need each other. We need each other for truth, for support, and to feel less alone during a time that can honestly feel quite scary,” the Sussex Royal Instagram account shared.

“There are so many around the world who need support right now, who are working tirelessly to respond to this crisis behind the scenes, on the frontline, or at home. Our willingness, as a people, to step up in the face of what we are all experiencing with COVID-19 is awe-inspiring. This moment is as true a testament there is to the human spirit,” it was added.