India’s massive weapons acquisition programme to destabilise region: Experts

Eminent experts have said India’s massive weapons acquisition programme will destabilise the South Asian region.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s News and Current Affairs programme, defence analyst Abdullah Gul said this is the ever largest deal made by India.

The deal has been at the centre of visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to India.

He said the S-400 defense system is the up-gradation of S-300.

He said Pakistan has its own system and knows well how to deal with that.

United States has expressed serious reservations about Russia’s S-400 missile system as India moving ahead with the deal could complicate high technology cooperation.

Lt Gen (Retd) Raza Muhammad Khan said the long-range missile systems will tighten India’s air-defence capabilities along the 4,000-km-long India-China border.

India is also hoping that the US will give it a waiver on the weapons systems which New Delhi sees as a deterrent against China’s bigger and superior military.

But the fact is that Indian government rather than to invest on the people of its country is investing in purchasing of modern equipments.

He said it is the era of economic development Pakistan is doing the right thing and just focusing on economic development rather than to indulge itself in arm race.

Prominent International Relations expert Dr. Huma Baqai said

the latest deal between Russia and India for purchase of S-400 defense system will destabilize the balance of power in the region.

She said Indo-Russia relations were a bit weakening in the past and this fresh deal will boost the relations among the two countries.

Pakistan has also managed to strengthen its relations with Russia.